ANDRAX - Advanced Penetration Testing Platform for Android

ANDRAX - Advanced Penetration Testing Platform for Android

ANDRAX is a Penetration Testing Platform developed for android smartphones and ARM boards, ANDRAX has the ability to run on android so it behaves like a common linux distribution, but more powerful than a common distribution!

The development of ANDRAX began on 08.Sept.2016 only for people in Brazil ANDRAX has been fully redefined and reloaded on 05.Oct.2018 open to the international public.

ANDRAX enable to all Android and ARM devices with root access and storage become a weapon for Advanced Penetration Testing and Red Team operations.

ANDRAX is developed by Weidsom Nascimento of The Cracker Technology - Advanced Pentest

Features and Tools
  • Information Gathering : The best resources and tools for Information Gathering and data collection.
  • Scanning : Hundreds of Scanners to perform the best result of all scan operations and increase the success rate.
  • Packet Crafting : Tools for Manipulate and Craft Packets, Packet Crafting is extremely essential for bypass IDS and IPS.
  • IPv6 Attacks : ANDRAX is completely able to perform advanced attacks against IPv6 networks.
  • WebSite Hacking : Hundreds of tools and resources to perform: WebSite Hacking, Analysis, Exploitation.
  • Password Attacks : Brute force, Discover, Online Cracking and all Password based Attacks.
  • Wireless Hacking : Fast and Easy Wireless Hacking like: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3... Mixed Attacks; Brute force and Rainbow tables.
  • Hack Windows : Advanced resources, tools and techniques to Bypass, Hack and Exploit Windows motherf**ker machines.
  • Hack OSX : OSX is the Operating System for dumbs who think they are smart, ANDRAX can easily hack them with many ways!
  • Hack Linux : ANDRAX is able to Hack the king of the internet too, all types of Attacks and Exploitation methods included.
  • Hack iOS : Penetrate in the Apple's mobile Operating System with malicious apps, exploits and Over The Air.
  • Hack Android : Embed payload in APK, Create Android APP from ANDRAX, Exploit, Inject and Bypass.
  • Advanced Phishing : Advanced tools and resources for next level phishing campaigns.
  • Mobile Telecom : Advanced Hacking tools for exploit 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G communications.
  • VoIP Hacking : Dedicated resources for Hacking and Exploitation VoIP communications.
  • ICS and SCADA : Exploit Industrial Control Systems, PLC, MODBUS and RTU Hacking.
  • IoT and IIoT Hacking : Hack the modern world, IoT and IIoT control the world nowadays and ANDRAX control both!
  • Advanced Terminal : ANDRAX has the most Advanced Terminal for Ethical Hacking, Cracking and Penetration Testing.
  • Exploit BGP : Hack the internet by your Border Gateway Protocol, ANDRAX can poison and inject routes on BGP.
  • Advanced C2 : Advanced tools for Command and Control, bypass Red Team bitches, gain side access in any network.
  • QRCode Hacking : Exploit and Hijack users, applications... with malicious QR Codes.
  • Printers Hacking : ANDRAX has the ability to Hack and penetrate in networks using printers, physical damages available too.
  • DNS Rebinding : Penetrate in IDS/IPS and Firewall protected networks and remotely run user side exploitation, bypass DNS over TLS.
  • Hardware Exploitation : Hack devices in hardware level, bypass any security restriction control the device by your physical layer.
  • Camera and Webcam Hacking : Get in Security cameras and users webcams, run code in these devices to hijack the network.
  • Bluetooth Hacking : ANDRAX can setup the BlueZ Stack on any smartphone or ARM board for Advanced Bluetooth Hacking.
  • CloudFlare Rapist : Bypass, exploit and take down CloudFlare "secured" systems.

and much more...

Installation Guide

Normal Installation :

ANDRAX Installation is so easy, every dumb like you can install it too!

⚠️ Root and Space Required : You need a rooted device and around 15gb of free space, i recommend you to use Magisk as your root manager!

● Download and Install ANDRAX.apk
● Open ANDRAX interface
● Allow root access
● Give ANDRAX storage permission (to save files and manage downloads)
● Press "OK" on ANDRAX install dialog

ANDRAX Normal Installation

⚠️ Never Exit from Installation Screen : You must stay on the installation screen to prevent Android from closing ANDRAX.

The installation process can take more than 1 hour, its depends of your internet speed and your device IO speed!

Now your ANDRAX installation will be done if everything is ok!


⚠️ Root Access Notification : ANDRAX ask for root commands many times so a lot of toasts can appear on your screen, you can disable it on magisk config for ANDRAX.

Manual Installation :

If the automatic installation process fails for some reason you can manually install the core.

Just select "Manual Install" in the top menu and a window of your browser will open and begin downloading the package .tar.xz

The command to unpack the core is :
busybox tar -xvJf andrax.r1.tar.xz -C /data/data/com.thecrackertechnology.andrax/ANDRAX/

ANDRAX Manual Installation

Then open the ANDRAX interface (close and open again if it was already open).


ANDRAX must now be installed and configured, you just have to take advantage of it.

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