Pwn Phone - Dream Device for Hackers

Pwn Phone - Dream Device for Hackers

The Pwn Phone is a real-life product made by a Boston-based startup called Pwnie Express. The "dream device for hackers" allows users to check if there are any vulnerabilities in wired, wireless, or Bluetooth networks, and it looks like a regular cell phone. If you have a spare $1,095 sitting around, you can buy one here.

Pwn Phone

but if you have few things then you can also build your own Pwn Phone.
Things You Need

● Nexus 5 Mobile
● A Linux-based system (i'm using Kali Linux)
● Pwn Phone's Rom for Nexus 5 : Google Drive
● WiFi and Bluetooth Adaptor that support packet injection (for wireless pentesting)
● OTG Cable

How To Flash Rom?

This process will erase your all data from your phone so create backup before flashing the rom.

● Here I'm using Linux system, so open your terminal as root user
● Update : apt-get update


● Install ADB & Fastboot : apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Install ADB & Fastboot

● Unzip the Pwn Phone's Rom
● make file executable : chmod +x

Make File Executable

● Turn off your Nexus 5 and reboot it into fastboot mode Holding Power + Vol. Down Key and Connect it with you PC using USB cable
● then Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus 5 : fastboot oem unlock
● Open Terminal and flash rom : ./


● Choose your device and the installation process will begin.

Flash Completed

● Once the installation process completed your device will automatically rebooted and ready to use.

Nexus 5
My Opinion

I know because of Mr.Robot's popularity many people would like to try it.. but currently i think the developers of Pwn Phone stoped working on this project because there is no update or latest version available of the previous pwn phone rom, even the old rom is now not available in their official website.. In past few months many people requested me to upload the pwn phone's rom that's why i'm updating this repository now.

I recommend you guys to try Kali Nethunter. it is also free and much better than pwn phone and most important thing, you will receive the regular updates.

Read more about Kali Nethunter here.


Website :
Pwn Phone Rom for Nexus 5 : Google Drive

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