What is Network Pentesting?

What is Network Pentesting?

In this vulnerable world, it's necessary to take steps for the sake of existence. It could be against anything; whether it is a disease, an accident or maybe even a flaw in the system of existence.

One of the most important parts of a lifestyle is a NETWORK. Everything is done on a network in the upcoming digital world. From viewing to advertising, from purchasing to selling and from learning to teaching. Therefore, it is necessary to secure a network just so all users can keep themselves protected.

Now the first question that comes to our mind is "What is network security?"

Network security is basically a number of steps we walk on or follow in order to protect ourselves from different kind of threats which may include integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our data. These steps can be applied to both hardware equipment as well as software technologies. Effective and sufficient security steps allow secure and efficient access to the network. The main objective of network security is to detect all the flaws and vulnerabilities and patch them up just so a user is provided with a secure connection.

Before following any step, a person always wonders as to why is network security necessary or important?

Apparently, the most important and greatest reason for this is the attacks that a lot of users fall victim to while spending their time on the internet. There's a huge variety of attacks that are often performed to disrupt a network. Some of the most common attacks that are often performed these days from which we need to protect ourselves are Malware attacks which are often initialized to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a network or a computer system, Botnets where a number of private computers are infected using corrupted software so that those systems can be controlled altogether without the knowledge of their owners to initiate a new attack, DoS(Denial of Service) where an attacker spams a huge amount of data packet onto a system or a server just to make it lose its connection or to make it overload and break and so much more attacks like such. Sometimes we fall a victim to an entire organization's attack because of multiple systems and efficient amount of resources being present there just to initiate an attack regardless of all the efforts needed to be put in for the attack. As in May 2017, a huge amount of systems running the Microsoft operating system were exploited all over the world by a single attack known as "WannaCry ransomware". This attack encrypted all the data present in target systems and the exploiters demanded ransom payment in the bitcoin currency from the victim user in return of their own data. The attack was estimated to have affected more than 0.2 million computer systems across 150 countries, with total damage of about millions to billions of dollars.

One thing that we think about is, "What are the harmful events than a hacker can cause which makes us take steps towards network security?"

The most important reason for implementing network security is the destruction an attacker or hacker can cause to you or your system. An attacker can sniff out your every username and password that you use in different accounts, they can disrupt your funding cards like credit or debit card or even use those cards to steal money from you, they can misuse your social security number, they can steal your sensitive data and misuse them, they can steal your identity and impersonate you while committing some serious crime and there's so much more an attacker/hacker can do to harm you. Being in an advanced world. there a lot of devices that have been invented which makes it efficient for an attacker to harm you one of which is "LAN TURTLE" that can blend in physically with other network devices and can be used to gain remote and unauthorized access to your system by completely bypassing the network firewall and can steal and store any data available, "Bash Bunny" another device that can hijack your network and inject any malware or virus through that network to corrupt or infect your system added to which, this device can also gain access to the shell of your system and steal out any information that the attacker wants. Another device that is known as "LANTAP" is one of the most famous yet notorious devices that is capable enough to tap into your network scan and analyze all the incoming and outgoing data through your network which can be modified or even disrupted in its path and also can be decrypted using various tools if ever encrypted.

All these words conclude up to the fact that network security is quite essential in the trending digital lifestyle just so we're able to use the internet at its full extent without facing any negatives that could lead us to a great loss.

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