What is Red Team Assessment?

What is Red Team Assessment?

The world has reached a point where you can't live without technology. Technology to communicate, to travel, to escape unbearable weather, to have clean water, to ease up the digging of earth, to increase up the flames of fire, to have a cleansed and cool air, and so much more. Wherever you go, you'll always find technology around you spread around like air. You complete most of the tasks using technology like shopping, selling, calling, messaging, listening to music, watching a movie, capturing a photograph, and the list goes on. Since the world runs on the effect of cause and causality, this digital and technical world has cons too. The flaws and vulnerabilities in technology become the cons in this world. These vulnerabilities are the reasons you fall victim to cyber crimes. The bigger reason for you to fall victim to cyber crimes is cybercriminals. This issue present in the world brings up the term "Red Team".

Let's discuss it. The first question that arises is, "What is Red Team?".

"Red Team" is basically a term that focuses on the security of a system regardless of whether it is for an individual or an organisation itself. "Red Team" is a military term which is given to a team of experts that specialize and prioritise in the penetration testing, assessment, and designing of secure systems. Red Teaming is a process that follows steps to detect vulnerabilities in a system or a network and exploit those vulnerabilities by stepping into the shoes of an attacker just to get to know how can an attacker exploit those vulnerabilities and intrude the system. Following the path of an attacker is an important step in red teaming because, by this step only, a designer can get to know how can an attacker intrude into a system and what steps will be necessary to prevent that intrusion.

There's a lot of stuff across the world regarding cybersecurity. The question that is often asked is "Why is Red Team necessary?".

The cyber threats have been spread all across the world causing trouble and harm to a huge population. There have been a lot of cyber attacks in the past that has cost a great loss of either money or life. There were attacks in past, there will be in the future. That's how the world works. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps to prevent the attacks that are hovering above us. Red Teaming is necessary because of the way this process works. Security policies, efficient configuration, secure system and network designs, security patches applied, removal of vulnerabilities, and so much more layers are added into a system to make it secure and prevent it from being attacked. A thorough red teaming process will include testing of a system, a network and all the networking devices used in a system.

A lot of words but one thing in conclusion. Red Teaming is basically an overall process where all the steps are taken that are necessary to provide security. HACKTRONAN is capable enough to provide you with services far more satisfactory than you think. Red Teaming is quite an important process and highly recommended to experience a secure use of a system or network without worrying about being a target to an attacker.

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