What is Vulnerability Assessment?

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Human beings have spread across the galaxies. Their knowledge is far greater than what we thought as a limit. Highly advanced technology for small to great tasks have been and are being invented. Every single day is the oldest the entire existence has ever lived and at the same time quite young for the future up ahead. Every moment someone comes up with another great idea for the existing technology and for new technologies to be created and every creation has some kind of weakness or vulnerability. The entire technological creation laid around you like a city. Flaws are what defines a human being but not in case of technological marvels. A flaw in a device can be a cause for its downfall. Whatever started is needed to be ended. When it comes to technology, a start is where an idea pops up in the head of a creator and end is where that idea is put into actions and those actions are secured enough to be able to not give anyone a chance to cause harm to you by exploiting the vulnerabilities of those ideas. These technological marvels are powerful and capable enough to be used against you in many scenarios. Before going ahead, let's talk about what all of this is about.

Let's go onto the first question; "What does VAPT even mean?"

"Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing" which is often referred to as "VAPT" are simply different types of vulnerability testing techniques where a system or a network is scanned and analysed with the necessary knowledge, skills and precautions so as to not mess things up. These techniques are often performed so as to find flaws in a system or a network that can be secured later just so an attacker doesn't use those flaws as a pathway into the system. "Vulnerability Assessment" techniques identify the presence of a vulnerability in the code and locates it in the system or a network but doesn't specify what vulnerability it is. In that scenario, penetration testing comes into place. "Penetration testing" exploits that vulnerability and checks whether that vulnerability can allow an attacker or intruder get unauthorised access into the system or not. Penetration testing is a process to find vulnerabilities that can cause severe harm to either a system, a network or a user. This process is often done so as to collect vulnerability data and secure those vulnerabilities so as to provide a secure and efficient technology to the user.

Our mind often gets stuck onto the following question. "Why is VAPT necessary?".

Security and integrity are one of the most important things in the world that is highly necessary. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who wants to harm you either emotionally, financially or physically. Black hat hackers have the sole purpose of exploiting innocent lives. There are a lot of flaws and vulnerabilities in every system. Even the entire cosmic existence is flawed. Not every flaw that exists can be secured but the ones in technical devices can be. VAPT is simply a combination of different processes where a vulnerability is located, analysed and patched up/secured to prevent exploitation from attackers/hacker. An attacker can get into your system using those vulnerabilities and can cause serious harm by either stealing your identity, stealing credit card details, blackmailing someone close to you, break down your system, completely destroy all the progress you made regarding your business, and so much more. To protect ourselves from such exploits and to protect ourselves from such pathetic people, VAPT has been made a necessity.

Concluding up, VAPT is a very necessary service that is needed everywhere since we're growing up and living in an advanced and digital world. Since it is a necessity, HACKTRONIAN has taken up the responsibility to provide this service to those in need. Security has a great role in the developing world and VAPT is one of the most important branches in the tree of security. We need to plant the seed of security carefully and let it grow to provide fruits of discretion and integrity to the entire world.

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